We provide the best alignment of Return On Investment and all other benefits of going Green

We continuously look for the products that outperform the broader market. Our turn key approach starts with design, includes specifying, acquisition and installation, and ends with rebate processing.



Utility Assessments

Assessment of utility related operational costs

Technology that Saves

Proven, state-of-the-art technology that contributes to minimizing facility resource consumption

Real Numbers, Real Results

Objective data to demonstrate the full scope of benefits associated with proposed engineered solutions.


Financed solutions that are accretive to cash flow

A little Bit About Us

Our consultative approach is guided by the 3P principle: profit, people, planet. GPA analyzes, recommends, and implements solutions that significantly enhance your operating and financial performance, typically without initial capital investments. With utility rates continuing to rise, there is increased focus on reducing resource consumption. Many facility owners and managers are convinced that resource-saving projects can provide a good return on investment despite the upfront cost. Financing can be difficult because banks and other traditional lenders often don’t provide loans that cover labor costs. But finding an electrical distributor that offers financing allows facility owners and managers to leverage energy savings and tax deductions immediately, even if the capital budget isn’t available.

By working with GPA, you can finance an entire project, including hardware, installation, and even soft costs like maintenance agreements and software, and pay for the project over time with accumulating savings.

Contact us today to find begin reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing energy and water savings.