Our expertise makes it easy.

Green Property Advisors consults with commercial, industrial, governmental and multi-family residential facility operators across the country to assess real estate’s environmental and financial energy output, reveal areas for improvement and also assist with implementation strategies, as needed.

Service Solutions Include:

  • A comprehensive audit and review of your facility resource expenses focusing on best practices.
  • Retrofit proposal and its financial impact with proven technologies and product, including:
  • Rebates from utility providers, incentives from government programs
  • Details for installation and enhancement upgrades
  • Disposal guidelines for replaced materials
  • Financial model illustrating project’s resulting impacts.

Our Audit Process

In the initial audit we gather the necessary input that our team uses to assess the big picture. We review available site drawings, related lighting needs, and if applicable, past energy usage.

GPA team completes audit process and provides a detailed site overview document. The overview utilizes cost analysis to present opportunities for the client to use green lighting solutions to optimize savings and ROI while converting to a more sustainable and efficient illuminated environment.

The GPA team arranges and does a site scout. During this visit our team dives deeper into the property’s existing system. We catalog the current lighting fixtures, and conduct interviews with owners and employees to determine where maintenance and safety issues occur and how these can be addressed.

Our GPA team can provide a full turnkey solution to implement systems or provide technical support to installers and site managers.