Our solutions are customized to your project needs.

Green Property Advisors consults with commercial, industrial, governmental and multi-family residential facility operators across the country to assess real estate’s environmental and financial energy output, reveal areas for improvement and also assist with implementation strategies, as needed.


Apartment / Multi-Family

GPA is a leader in LED retrofits for the apartment / multi-family inudstry. Improve the look and feel of your property while lowering operating costs with GPA’s multi-family experience. From exterior security and common area lighting, to interior kitchen and track lighting, GPA has a solution that will increase your tenant’s quality of life and a solution that makes great financing sense for the owner. Let GPA show you how to add value to your property with LED lighting.

Parking Garage

As a leader in the multi-family industry GPA has completed many parking garage retrofits. LED parking garage solutions can help your property increase safety and reduce costs. Traditional parking lot lighting can be inefficient and hard to maintain. GPA solutions for parking garages include high efficiency LED fixtures with built-in occupancy sensor control systems to increase the electrical savings and life span of the LED fixture. GPA’s solution increases lighting levels and safety while reducing maintenance and electricity costs.



Office Buildings

GPA offers a wide range of LED and lighting control solutions for your office building. Office interior LED lighting solutions include drop panels and tube replacement, recessed can lighting, elevator lighting, spot and track lighting. Exterior lighting solutions include wall PAC’s, security lighting, and landscape lighting. Let GPA save you money and add value to your property today with LED lighting products.

Warehouses / Industrial

Do you have a warehouse or factory operation with high or mid bay lights? GPA can improve the quality of the lighting in your facility and save on operating costs at the same time. Traditional high and mid bay lighting is very inefficient and expensive to maintain. GPA’s LED high and mid bay solutions can reduce your traditional lighting costs by 60% or more while also lowering maintenance costs.