The Process

At no expense to our clients, we prepare a detailed site assessment by auditing the existing lighting system and the cost to operate and maintain it. We propose a retrofit, incorporating the latest technological advances at competitive prices. The proposal details cost and projected savings. We provide the lights and if desired will manage installation. We will also assist in obtaining available incentives. 


Our primary focus is on increasing income through savings in energy and maintenance. There are many additional benefits like sustainability improvement, lighting system reliability increase, heat load reduction, improving lighting levels and color, warranty of the installed components, potential integration of addressable and smart switches, ability to qualify for rebates or other incentives. We will be happy to discuss all specific benefits with you.

The Impact

Short payback periods are our goal, but for Real Estate, NOI improvement translates into an immediate value increase. We create win-win solutions: business and property owners win by increasing valuations and profits, but there is an environmental benefit as well. Additionally, “Going green” has marketing value and increases occupant satisfaction. 


The satisfaction of being a part of a green community is an important consideration to an increasing number of property tenants. Our lighting solutions transform properties into green communities. With LED lighting solutions we can optimize the color and intensity of the lighting, resulting in a property offering that is aesthetically pleasing and safely illuminated.